The Book

If Your Organization is Not Evolving, it is Dying!
  • Is your corporation looking for new and innovative ways to increase profits and employee productivity?
  • Does your 501(c)(3) need to expand your donor base, grant options, and access to volunteers?
  • Is your educational institution doing all that it can to increase the diverse student body, professors and teachers, and administrative staff?
  • Does your small business need a competitive advantage?


Blockchain or Die is a business book, training book and a resource book in one book. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are transforming currencies, business, technology, law, government and most industries. Organizations that adopt this new technology will thrive and organizations that do not adopt will miss the competitive advantages including: investments, sales, new customers, marketing and many other benefits. In other words, organizations that do not adopt blockchain technology may “die”. Hence the title “Blockchain or Die.”